News at Viduber The Viduber Affiliate Program Delivers a 60% Payout


News at Viduber The Viduber Affiliate Program Delivers a 60% Payout

16-10-2021 - Author: Bob Welcome

Viduber Video News


Welcome to Viduber

Developed by Joel Therien in San Antonio Texas


The Viduber Video hosting and streaming affiliate business was developed by Joel Therien in San Antonio Texas. As Joel mentions in his "Welcome to Viduber" video he had already been providing the video hosting service for about four or five years and found that there was a very large demand for them. 

The penny dropped as he thought the demand is rising and rising without us really promoting it at all, and the only thing that this meant is that his products and services were second to none. Everyone needed and wanted them.


Viduber Key Services


Key services that he offered were ad free Video Hosting services, which were rock solid . And because Joel already owned a huge server business installion he was able to provide unlimited bandwidth and uninterrupted video streaming.

As soon as people heard the "ad free" part their hair stood straight on end and they would immediately dive in to explore the whole deal that Joel was offering. I guess almost everyone is sick and tired of all the ads which keep showing up on some or nearly all video screens, I am anyway.

I suppose they would not want to argue with Joel either as soon as they saw the size of his biceps. A plug for you Joel!!


22nd Century Style Products and Services


Naturally then as soon as his new customers heard about his 22nd Century style service and offers they would immediately sign up. As the services were so good they did not want to leave and go somewhere else because there was no need to do that, and they became lifetime users and good friends to boot. 


Demand for Viduber Video Streaming Services


One other very special thing about the ad free video streaming services that Joel provided was the fact that the demand for them had increased by 1200% per year for the last four or five years and Joel then realzied that it would be a no-brainer to develop an affiliate program which we now know is "Viduber".

You know Joel the name is a corker mate, because I even get tongue tied sometimes when I am talking about it and sometimes have to check that the spelling is right.



Where do I fit In--"Bob Welcome" 


I am presently a member of most of the Jam Marketing email advertising and marketing programs. Jam Marketing is owned and managed by Jane Mark who is the CEO. I found out some time ago from Jane that her Jam Marketing services in New York were hosted by Joel Therien and she was absolutely delighted with the quality of the service provided and she indicated that Joel had become a good friend of hers.

Only recently I sensed that Jane was excited when she contacted me and told me that Joel Therien a good friend and business associate from San Antonio Texas had contacted her and spilled the beans about "Viduber".


Demand and Potential for Viduber Video


I immediately saw the potential and joined as an Unlimited Founder OTO- It was already an established rock solid profitable business, and Video Hosting and streaming must be one of the top in demand services around today. It was increasing at an alarming rate and did not look like it would stop.

Personally I see that as milliions of people from developing countries continue to spill into the Online world the demand for the services that Joel Therien provides will only continue to rise dramatically and probably by leaps and bounds. I guess that this is the type of business to be in. No doubt about it.


Competition for Viduber

Two main competitors were mentioned:-

One did not have an affiliate program

The other does have an affiliate program with a small commission 



 You and I can achieve success together and Have a Laugh Here  



  About Internet Marketing and Tools Needed to Make it Work 


Internet marketers and video promotional people can create unlimited videos from their unlimited video account at Viduber. There's no doubt about it videos keep the eyeballs glued to the TV screen.



Viduber Video News 


Viduber is the first video hosting company to offer a 60% residual commission payout program to paid referrals. A direct referral commission of 35% is paid plus a matching check for 25% calculated on the total sales generated by your direct referrals.


This makes the Viduber video hosting service highly profitable for you. Up to 60% by my calculations. 


You and I can achieve success together and watch funny videos at ViduberVideo 


ViduberVideo is a video marketing system that is highly profitable and works with and for you! You can build a massive video subscriber base, track your viewer stats, and explode your video views that you will profit from. Ultra-fast uploads, ensure no time is wasted.

Viduber has video warehouse storage in San Antonio Texas and an open pipe on bandwidth which means full flow of data. This ensures absolutely superb and endless streaming capabilities for your video quality.


Joel emphasises those points extremely well.


Viduber Video Empire


You are in complete control of your Viduber video empire and your financial gains. You can record your desktop and load your video channels, create upload, record, and record audio only. A simple click can instantly engage and impact all your social media networks.

The power of video allows you to capture video viewers and subscribers and capitalize on massive profits.


Video Template Builder


A complete video template builder is included with the Viduber package. You can easily create multiple video landing pages with the easy to use drag and drop features which are all centered around your video and offer.


The Viduber Autoresponder System


Viduber has a powerful leads and autoresponder system that allows you to collect and capture data, follow up with your viewers and subscribers and together with Viduber make it the number one video service provider.


It is a true top gun servicing your video marketing needs.


Smooth Video View


The absence of watermarks and advertisements creates a smooth view of your videos with no distractions to viewers. Viduber stores and delivers videos and generates leads and massive profits in a snap!

One Extremely powerful video account provides everything in one location.

Enjoy the 60% commission from the referral payout program.


I have no doubt in my mind that Joel absolutely loves this "Spot Me Bro" Video 


                                           You and I can achieve success together

                                          and watch funny videos at Spot Me Bro

                                                        Hey Bro! Are You OK..   





VIDUBER 60% Commission VIDUBER                   

VIDUBER 60% Commission VIDUBER 


3% Commission VIMEO 3% Commission



See ya all in Video streaming land or maybe in the Gym with that Big Viduber Guy.  


Whether we are in Video Streaming land or in the Gym we can achieve success together at ViduberVideo



Kind Regards

Bob The ViduberVideo Guy Welcome


Down Under


Bob Welcome Recommends ViduberVideo


We can all achieve success together at ViduberVideo 


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