Kuleblasters is an Automated Traffic Machine with Stunning Carousel Feature Ads


Kuleblasters is an Automated Traffic Machine with Stunning Carousel Feature Ads

26-06-2021 - Author: Bob Welcome

Hello and Welcome

Kuleblasters is an Automated Traffic Machine with Stunning Carousel Feature Ads 

Here’s what makes News at Kuleblasters unique and different…

Stunning Carousel Feature Ads Helps your Ads get Noticed

At the top of the kuleblasters home page you will see the stunning Carousel Feature Ads which makes your ads get noticed. They show on all founder/site owner and affiliate sites and they will rotate up to a 100:1 ratio and that spells huge exposure for your websites.

These ads move from right to left and remain centered for a few seconds for viewers to notice them. People all over the internet are raving about these kuleblaster kuleblasters stunning carousel ads.


Market Daily to a Highly Targeted Audience

This site allows Kuleblaster kuleblasters marketers to market daily to a highly targeted audience, and to blast ads to thousands of pages at a very reasonable price. You pay one time and get advertising forever.


Fully Automated Targeted Traffic Machine

Kuleblaster kuleblasters is an Automated Traffic Machine that delivers targeted traffic to your websites and forces ads to climb to the top with their newly developed Crazy Climber Technology.

You simply give the ads a title and enter your website link and your ads will be submitted on complete auto pilot for you hundreds of times a day to the network. Your ads are targeted so users see what they are interested in.


Founder Members

As a Kuleblasters Founder everything is done for you on auto-pilot. You just set up your ads once and Kuleblaster kuleblasters takes over and submits your ads 100's of times a day automatically for you.

Your ads are blasted to all partner sites and affiliate pages and no matter how large the network grows your website exposure continues to expand and increase at no extra cost to you.

You get 4 feature ads, 4 sponsor ads, and 10 link ads with your membership. These ads rotate at a 100 to 1 rotation which gives your ads top billing and huge exposure on the entire Kuleblasters network.

Kuleblasters ensures that all your advertising continues to reach new audiences for ever.

You get an admin mailer to contact your downline daily plus you get to use the New Kuleblasters Mailer which reaches over 425,000 members. As a founder you can mail to 9500 members each day.


Kuleblasters Free Members

You can sign up as a free member or as a paid member. There are 3 paid membership levels you can review in the members area of Kuleblasters on the upgrade page. You will also see a very special founder offer as you sign up that lets you keep up to 100% of your sales.

As a free member you get to add 2 free link ads which rotate on all affiliate pages in the Kuleblaster kuleblasters Network.

You can earn Kule Coins by viewing ads in the members area and those Kule Coins can be used to make your ads climb to the top of the ad rotations using our unique crazy climber technology.

You can also earn 20% commission on all upgrades that you bring in through your affiliate link, and you can earn 100 Kule Coins for each sign up.

You can email your downline members every 7 days. Put your hand up and grab yourself a free spot. Even as a free member you can create advertising and receive commissions for signups.

Don’t wait any longer go for it now. I look forward to seeing you there and swap ideas.

At no cost to join and use this Powerful Traffic Machine it is a gift. Try it free first and then upgrade when you are ready.

Automate Your Marketing

If you want to experience the huge ad pulling power of Kuleblaster kuleblasters simply upgrade to one of the paid accounts.

The true power comes from the auto blaster system which blasts your ads to all partner sites and affiliate pages no matter how large the network grows. And as a result your website exposure will expand and increase at no extra cost to you.

The marketing of your feature ads, banner ads and link ads all works the same way so that all your advertising continues to reach new audiences forever. As an upgraded member this whole process can be put on autopilot.

Kind Regards

Bob The Kuleblasters Guy Welcome


Bob Welcome Recommends Kuleblasters Blast Your Ads to Millions


Downunder Murmurs

Outback Characters – Saltbush Bill and Old Barney the Grader Driver

Hey Barney didn’t ya say that yuh wanted to get your website promoted to blast your ads to millions and put some more advertising power behind your FrontPage Mail frontpageposition website mate.

Yer Saltbush, but I wasn’t sure what to do mate.

Well mate yah should av a look at the Kuleblasters site mate and use some of your earned commissions to go for Founder at kuleblasters mate. It puts your marketing on autopilot so you can concentrate on Grader Driivin mate.  

Righto Saltbush I’ll go to the Kuleblasters office now and grab a website. Thanks for the advice Saltbush old mate. Ah is that the next office down from frontpageposition where the strange people signed on.

Yer thets right Barney ol mate. 

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