News about How to Start an Internet Business at FrontPagePosition


News about How to Start an Internet Business at FrontPagePosition

13-07-2021 - Author: Bob Welcome

News about How to Start an Internet Business at FrontPagePosition
18-06-2021 - Author: Bob Welcome

How to start an Internet Business at FrontPagePosition and see how FrontPage Mail niche keywords control the internet. That is what the boys in Western Queensland have been hearing for quite a while now and their question was “where do I purchase internet keywords”.

Can we have an online city business and still stay in the bush. Too right ya can Saltbush. You can register with FrontPage Mail through FrontPagePosition and purchase your internet keywords online at that site. Don't muck about mate go for the founder level and never never look back.


Whisper - Great gallopin Goannas. Watch out their teeth are like razors mate.


The story goes like this. Wal and Morton, Saltbush Bill and Barney have been listening to those Internet guys from FrontPage Mail FrontPagePosition, 1Stop-Profits and Profit-From-Free-Ads about how to start an internet business.

Sometime afterwards Wal and Morton completed a sign up at FrontPage Mail and signed on all of those 8ft tall strange people who lived at the six mile waterhole. They got a ripper cheque from that project. Since then Saltbush Bill and old Barney the grader driver have been breakin their necks to sign up as well.

Well boys get into it and av a go yah mugs. Don’t just sit and talk about it-sign on right now and go do it fellas. So to start with Saltbush and Barney signed up for FrontPage Mail through FrontPagePosition as they could not wait to get involved with those niche keywords that control the internet.


Whisper - Just then a flock of pink goannas flew overhead. Yer mate for real eh.


And guess what Saltbush Bill and old Barney were up to. Just a little bit shady mate. They knew that there were more strange people at 9 mile waterhole the next one down from the six mile. If only they could contact those mysterious people at the 9 mile waterhole!


Whisper - They had to make a plan to sign them on without bustin their own skulls in the process. Geez this is goanna be a tough one.


A brainwave appeared and Saltbush and Barney reasoned that they should get hold of an old newspaper. And this newspaper would have to have the FrontPage Mail story on the Front Page and provide news about how to start an internet business and how FrontPage Mail FrontPagePosition niche keywords control the internet.

Saltbush and Barney knew that the strange people would want to see something motivating and when they see the heading FrontPage Mail News about Powerful Advertising with a Unique Twist at FrontPagePosition they would head for town in a rush.

And so they set their plan into action mate.


Whisper - Look out mate for those slitherin sliding 20ft crocs. They’ll tear yuh apart mate.


Saltbush and old Barney visited the 9 mile and left the newspaper under a shady tree. Now that is news mate. Back in town they went over things together. Well Barney ol mate its been a busy couple of months alright. What with the Bunyip 8ft tall people appearing at 6 mile waterhole and hiring a big shiny bus to go into town.

The FrontPage Mail guy ringin up Wally and Morton to come and pick up a big cheque.

Then you (Old Barney) doin some rock and roll dancing on the pub counter, croc death rolls, and showin us how a stubby is just the ducks for reviving old worn out grader drivers.


Now they had got to the waiting game part of their action plan.

Time will tell whether the newspaper with the FrontPage Mail story and the heading News about how Powerful Advertising with a Unique Twist will propel your business to a grand slam would do the trick. So Saltbush Bill and old Barney headed back bush to do some more grader drivin on cane toad road and kill some time.


As they were driving back out they noticed some very dark clouds on the horizon. Just as they arrived at camp it started raining cats and dogs. What rotten luck. It looked as though cane toad road was never going to get fixed up. So before the road got too boggy they headed back into town slippin and slidin with great gobs of black mud hittin the windscreen and all along the side of the old ute.


Whisper – What a muddy mess mate. Nearly as bad as musterin a mob of cattle runnin with their tails in the air mate. Eh wot.


But guess what mate – No sooner had Saltbush Bill and old Barney arrived back in town and had a couple of coldies, Micks phone rang and it was the guy from FrontPage Mail who wanted to talk to Saltbush and old Barney. The guy said it has happened again. A bus load of extremely private people had arrived and bought a heap of FrontPage Mail FrontPagePosition home business websites.


It looked as if it was going to be as big a project as Wal and Mortons or even a little bigger. Being as private as they were the strange people just signed up paid the guy and swore him to secrecy. Nobody was to be told anything about them whatsoever. They also said that nobody was to come lookin for them or else.


Then they were gone mate almost as soon as they arrived.


Whisper – The strange people went Poof up in smoke. Even Mandrake the magician could not have done it better mate.


Well wot do ya no mate, the FrontPage Mail guy told Saltbush and old Barney that there was a Big cheque coming to them for commissions on the sharing of many FrontPage Mail “News about How to start your own Business” websites.

The FrontPage Mail guy told Saltbush and old Barney to come back in two hours and he would have their cheque ready for pickup.


Whisper – Weell Saltbush and old Barney had not long bought a stubby and they were shakin so much that they both dropped them onto the ground. (Yeah, first time ever that those two had dropped a stubby mate)


Just then a weird gale started blowin and covered all the shop fronts with red dust and the loose corrugated iron on the buildings startled bangin and rattlin. The boys lost their hats and thought that these strange people had put some sort of a curse on them. They looked up into the sky and through the red dust and wind haze they saw about a thousand wedge tail eagles flying over.


Yer mate all at once. (true)


Whisper – Those strange people that only really exist in mythology certainly had something to do with this. Even old Bluey the cattle dog started whimperin and climbed under the boardwalk. The incident really rattled the boys and they took off for the pub.


Saltbush and old Barney really didn’t know what to do so they hid their faces in some very large glasses of fourex the beer for Queenslanders. They started talkin and began to doubt whether selling all those FrontPage Mail FrontPagePosition niche keyword websites about how to start an internet business was a good idea.


Just then Mick and Wally swaggered into the pub, dusted themselves down and ordered a large glass of fourex Queensland beer each. Mick said, you boys certainly catch on pretty quick with sellin these Start your own Internet Business niche keyword websites. If yuhs keep going like this yuh will not be ringin on stations and drivin graders for much longer.


Anyhow the talk settled down to local issues and the grading of cane toad road. The strange people from the 9 mile waterhole also said that they wanted that road graded yesterday as well. So even though Saltbush and old Barney were picking up a big cheque they still had a lot of work to do.


Whisper – Everything went quiet as the two hours drew to a close and all the oldtimers started straightening their hats and tuckin in their shirts. People outside were standing around in little groups muttering between themselves as they were waitin for the cooee that would blow the roof off when the boys collared their cheque.


The time eventually came for the boys to pick up the cheque. They wandered off down the street while everyone watched them disappear into the front of The Front Page Mail FrontPagePosition office.


Whisper - They waited for what seemed like a whole year of chasing blowflies. And that was with a butterfly net.



All of a sudden they heard this horrendous screeching sound that Saltbush and old Barney had let out, and it lasted for what seemed many minutes. Then Saltbush Bill and old Barney came tearin out of the office and Saltbush was waving a piece of paper around which everyone supposed was the cheque.


It was the cheque alright and before Saltbush could say anything.


Whisper – The weird howling windstorm started blowin again but was coming back from the other way this time. They looked up once again and through the red dust and haze all they could see was the outlines of giant wedge tailed eagles. They covered the sky and blocked out the daylight.


Flaming heck mate is this for real, but they knew that only the strange people could create such a scene. The wind died down and there was no sign of the big flock of wedge tail eagles.


Whisper:- Yer mate they were gone, just like those strange people at the FrontPage Mail office, just disappeared into thin air.


So it was back to business, Wally and Morton raced over to Saltbush and old Barney and Saltbush said av a look at this one mate. Wally looked at the cheque and could not believe his eyes, it was for $18,455.50. Everyone said that they had never seen Wally roll his eyes so wide and high as he knocked his hat off with his eyelids. Enuff of that now.


So they couldn’t get to the pub quick enough. The publican said he couldn’t convert the cheque all at once, so they settled for half now and half later.


Whisper – Saltbush Bill and Barney had planned for some festivities, and they were shouting the bar. This celebration was for the fantastic start they had made, and the “News about How to start your own internet business” project.


Talk about wild windstorms and wedge tail eagles flying overhead there was loud yelling, bangin and rattlin, dancing and music all at once mate. Wal and Morton were outdone as Saltbush said there was going to be a tug o war on the pub counter. Wally and Morton against Saltbush and old Barney.


If Mick and Wally won they were to get free fourex Queensland beer for a month. The party raged on for hours and eventually it was tug-o-war time. The tug-o-war went one way and the other many times but eventually, just as everyone thought, Wally and Morton got the better of it and won free fourex for a month.


At the end of the tug-o-war Mick and Wally had given the rope a huge pull and this time there were two croc death rolls as both Saltbush and old Barney went over the side together. Nobody was hurt but they both needed at least 3 fourex stubbies to bring them back into the real world.


So Saltbush Bill and old Barney the grader driver had a magnificent start to their “News about How to start your own internet business” and see how frontpage mail frontpageposition niche keywords control the internet.



Bob The Keyword King Welcome


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Righto now Guys and Gals just follow the lead shown by Saltbush and old Barney the grader driver and get your home business websites today. The founder level gives you more bang for your buck. Then yuh can come out drawin dem six-guns like Wild Bill Hickock hisself.

Downunder Murmurs

Hey look out for that flock of wedge tail eagles mate they might

just blow you off your perch ($1 niche keywords control the internet an all)

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