News About covid 19 Brazil Personal Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them


News About covid 19 Brazil Personal Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them

21-06-2021 - Author: Bob Welcome

News About covid-19 Brazil Personal Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them


Covid-19 News 2021 Brazil

The coronavirus disease 2019 named covid-19 was confirmed to be in Brazil on 25 February 2020, it quickly spread right across the country and by June 19 2020 Brazil passed one mill-ion cases with reported deaths at 49 thousand.

News advises that as at June 16 2021 the total number of cases stood at 17.628 Mill-ion while deaths were 493,693 giving a ratio of about 1 in 34 people losing their lives. A very disturbing figure.

Compare this to the United States with 33.508 mill-ion cases and deaths totaling just under 601K giving a ratio of close to about 1 in 55 people losing their lives.

Recent reports indicate that Brazil will pass the 500,000 death total from covid-19 by about June 20 2021. Hope it stops.

Brazil has a population of 213 Mill-ion.


Travel to Brazil

News indicates that people are advised not to travel to Brazil but if in an emergency they have to go there, they must be fully vaccinated prior to travel. Even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk of catching and also spreading the Covid-19 variants.

General advice may change at any time so intending travelers must always check with health authorities for latest information before proceeding to travel.

Travelers are risk takers and the variant strains are more easily passed from one person to another.


Third Wave

Only over the last week official data has shown that there are 2,000 Covid-19 deaths per day in Brazil and public health experts advise that this may be the beginning of a third wave.


Covid-19 Brazil 2021

The search term results for Covid-19 Brazil are at 1.09 billion at present and this shows that people are frantically searching for information.

Possibly they are searching for information like, the number of new infections and are they reducing, and where do they sign up for the coronavirus vaccine.

People should contact their local health department office or special covid-19 vaccination clinics (which would be advertised) for latest information and follow the advice given as is done in other countries.


The Hidden Impact of Coronavirus 2021 Brazil

One of the defining features of the “hidden impact of Coronavirus 2021” is Isolation, through lockdowns, loss of jobs and stress.

News indicates that the health system has stopped working in many cities, oxygen supplies are rationed, ICU beds are fully occupied, and both staff and equipment are in short supply.

There are reports that anaesthetics are not available and patients are being tied up in order to be intubated.

Hundreds of affected people have died on hospital trolleys, on hospital floors and at home, even when their families could procure much-needed oxygen tubes in the parallel market. Alarming situations.


About Covid-19 Choices in Brazil

Brazil news indicates that choices made in the handling of Covid-19 may have given rise to an unparalleled tragedy in the country.

These choices may have resulted in the possibility that Brazil’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic may be the worst in the World. The death rate has been rising relentlessly and on April 8 2021 it stood at 4250 for one day.

At that time it was the highest number of daily fatalities from Coronavirus disease on Earth.


Coronavirus Prevention Brazil

The situation in Brazil was starting to deteriorate since the emergence of a new and more contagious variant in the country known as P1.

However, to bring the new contagious variant into check proper Governmental and Health Authority controls must be put into practice as has been done in other countries.


Coronavirus Disease Brazil 2021

Once the proper controls are implemented within the country and travel restrictions and bans are also in place and properly scrutinized the health authorities have a better chance of controlling the infections and reducing the death rate.

This has been the case in many other countries that are bringing the Coronavirus Disease or covid-19 as it is also called under control.

It can be seen how contact tracing is a key part of control as well as the wearing of masks, shutting of borders, quarantine, restriction of numbers at events, and getting tested etc.


Covid-19 Help

Covid-19 News 2021 Brazil describes how many people, who have either been laid off from work or have lost their small business, are in survival mode and are turning to the internet to find a home-based business so that they can work online from home while they are in extended periods of lockdown.

However, there are people available to help. There is an E-book called Panic Attacks that is unique and easily read.

It was created by Phil Basten and his partner Jane Mark whom many of you may know as entrepreneurs and developers of top advertising sites.

You may not know that they are both trained in Psychology and consequently decided to pool their talents in Market-ing and Psychology and created a unique product that will help you live a stress-free life and make some money for yourself as you help others.

As a result of pooling their talents an E-Book was created and titled Panic Attacks and how to Survive Them. 

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