Sokule Advertising Powerhouse Owned by Jane Mark and Developed by Phil Basten


Sokule Advertising Powerhouse Owned by Jane Mark and Developed by Phil Basten

10-07-2021 - Author: Bob Welcome


Sokule Advertising Powerhouse Owned by Jane Mark and Developed by Phil Basten


Let me guess, you are wanting to ramp up online advertising for your pet shop, start an internet business, build a blog, or find out how to build a Log Cabin. No matter what it is you intend to do online Sokule allows you to mail up to 1.5M people twice daily, and that is powerful. 


Sokule was born in 2009 and was created to meet the advertising needs of the internet business community (you and yours) by helping to increase the advertising reach of members and advertisers via a social platform.


Sokule is like Twitter but monetised. You get effective targeted advertising here and you will be able to contact people who have information you need or you can provide information about the products that you promote online, to them.


It is a little hard to imagine that you can post on Sokule each day at least twice and reach up to 1.5 Million people. When you get that many eyeballs on your website/s you get results. Founder level is the best way to go as you can mail to the larger numbers of people more often.


This is the vision that Jane Mark and her partner Phil Basten created. As a marketing consultant for Jam Marketing Inc., Phil sat down, scratched his head a lot (without picking up any splinters) and developed a dynamic business, sometimes called the Sokule Advertising Powerhouse.


Meet the Sokule team...

About Phil Basten


Jane Mark and Phil Basten have been helping people succeed on the net for the past 21 years. They have developed some of the most innovative websites and scripts including a list building management system, various advertising scripts, and some of the most innovative targeted advertising services on the web.

A good friend of Phils’ once described him as having more ideas than a dog has fleas. He took this as a compliment. Phil is an innovative, insightful, product generating, marketing machine. His focus is developing products and services that work online. His favourite phrase is. "We develop the marketing tools others copy."


At Founder level you are able to mail to 1.5M people twice per day. Now that is dynamic marketing from the Sokule Advertising Powerhouse.



Phil has extensive knowledge in counselling, sales training, and the advertising industry. He is a charter member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. (Which includes characters such as Wally and Morton). He has extensive marketing experience and was involved in the advertising agency industry, in Australia, for more than 25 years working for such prestigious companies as Ogilvy & Mather, Fortune Advertising and Leo Burnett as a concept creator/copywriter. His contemporaries dubbed him, the "Ad-Man".


These vastly different fields and skills have given Phil a unique insight into what makes people tick, what they want, and why they respond the way they do.

He has created the ideas for a vast number of advertising services owned and operated by JPE Advertising., the most popular being Sokule, Kule Blaster, Kule Rank, The Joe and Mable Show, and many others.


Phil takes care of technical development, website design, product and concept creation, and creative copywriting for Jam Marketing Inc. and Sokule, Inc.


Founder level is the best bang for your buck and lets you mail to 1.5M people twice per day. 


About Jane Mark, New York, NY.

President, Jam Marketing Inc., Sokule Inc.,


Jane is described as a pocket dynamo who has a typical New York work attitude. "Don't tell me how hard it is or how much effort it will take, get it done." From a personal point of view Jane is always available to help as soon as she gets time, makes suggestions about the best way to do some marketing and then follows up.  


She has extensive knowledge of the business world and owned and operated a million-dollar real estate partnership called JED Management Corp. As well as that she operated her very own catering business in the heart of New York City’s Central Park, and you guessed it- it was called “Jane’s”.


I guess then that when Jane and Phil complete some marketing projects  they refer to them as “a walk in the park”.


Jane received her Masters Degree in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York and as a result is acutely aware of people’s needs and recognizes behavioural patterns. She also has obtained a BA from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.

Only Founder level can mail twice daily to 1.5M people. 


She is the author of 4 successful E-Books, takes care of JV Partnerships and marketing, writes creative ads, offers marketing tips to telephone clients and treats everyone as a VIP.


You can contact these extremely proficient people who will provide you with very smart products and services that will work for you.


What Do You Get At Sokule


1)      Sokule is a unique list building site and is a business friendly social media platform. You can use it to connect to other like minded people and get your business noticed quickly and effortlessly. 

It builds your list for you.
You do nothing at all.
We build your list for you

2) You can email your list daily
No Credits to earn
Founders start with 6000 targeted list members
and it grows on auto pilot from there

At Founder level you can mail twice daily to 1.5M
and get the best bang for your buck

3) You can post messages to your followers
whenever you like. Sokule is like Twitter
but monetized.

4) upgraded members can post their offers to
1.5 million people daily.

5) You have 2 blogs that you can use at Sokule
(Sokwall and the Sokule Blog) You can use your
FPM keywords on both blogs.

6) Earn up to 748.50 from the sale of memberships

7) There is full training at the site


Note:- FPM is short for FrontPage Mail which is a Search Engine and Online Mailer - You can buy most keywords for your business for only $1 each at FrontPage Mail Frontpageposition.                                                                                                               

This is another part of the Jam Marketing business that you are able to become a part of. And when you market online through FPM and other Jam sites you are able to attach your keywords to your emails.

Google picks this type of marketing up, sometimes very quickly, and your site rises in search results.  


About Joining

So now you know the people behind Sokule, their level of expertise, accomplishments, and details about what makes Sokule tick, you are cordially invited to take a closer look.


At Founder Level you can mail twice daily to 1.5M people. This gives you the biggest and best bang for your buck and allows you to use all of the top level marketing tips and tricks that are contained within Sokule.


Or you can opt to join free and we will build a list of targeted members for you.


We look forward to meeting and working with you to improve your online advertising and to give your business a good kick along.

Go straight to the top for Founder level and mail twice daily to 1.5M.


Kind Regards

Bob The Sokule Guy Welcome     

Queensland, Australia.


Bob Welcome Recommends Sokule


Downunder Murmurs:-

(Outback Characters) Wally and Morton



Have yah had a look see at that Sokule site yet Morton. They say that a bloke can send messages to up to 1.5 million people twice a day mate. So posting from Sokule is really cool.



Well Wal I have not ever even seen 1.5 million of anything in my life. My head is spinning at the sheer size of the site mate. It may be an idea to check it out very closely Wal ol mate.  



We might just hit the jackpot here Morton. Let me know by tomorrow what yah find out mate.



Yer righto Wal.. And look out for that big mob of roos down cane toad road as they will bust yah radiator. And remember Wal we will go straight to the top for Founder level and mail twice daily to 1.5M.


Please contact me at email successunione at for further details. Thankyou. Please rearrange the email address so that it will work properly. 




Online Internet business professional, internet marketer, JAM Marketing Inc. CEO/Founder Member, website builder, classic car interior restoration specialist

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