2 Min 28.18 Seconds The Stakes Were High Janes Sunday Sermon


2 Min 28.18 Seconds The Stakes Were High Janes Sunday Sermon

10-06-2018 - Author: Jane Mark


2 Min 28.18 Seconds-The Stakes Were High-Janes Sunday Sermon


Dateline: June 9th, Belmont NY.
Dateline: June 9th, Quebec, Canada

The Stakes were High yesterday.


I was fidgety all day waiting for 6:30 pm when I could hear the the roar of the crowd as they waited for the clang of gates to open wide and let loose the magnificent power of 10 hopeful riders who sat atop some of the best breed and best trained horses in the county.


June 9th, 2018. It was the running of the Belmont Stakes and a Triple Crown was on the line.


The roar grew especially loud as Triple Crown hopeful, Justify, stepped onto the race track looking strong and proud after his win in the Kentucky Derby and The Preakness. His rider, Mike Smith, stroked his mane and seemed to talk quietly to his mount as the noise grew louder each time the horse passed in front of a different section of the waiting track audience.


Perhaps the rider and horse were calming each other as the track to glory edged closer to them.


My excitement grew along with the rest of crowd and my little dog, Cuddles, must have sensed it as he insisted that he be picked up from the floor to join me on couch as we waited for the gates to open and the race to begin.


From the moment he emerged from post position 1, Justify, took the lead and he never let it go. Over the 2 minutes and 28.18 seconds that it took to run the course, everyone in my house was on their feet yelling "Come On Justify- you can do it" and "come on come on come on"


As he turned for home and jockey, Mike Smith, let him go ,it was clear we had another Triple Crown winner: a Champion with heart and a rider who turned his arms upward to the sky to thank the heavens as soon as they crossed the finish line and then turned back to his horse quietly whispered something  we can only imagine would be said between rider and his mount at that magical moment.


The noise at Belmont kept growing as Justify, still seeming to have some get and go in him, pranced proudly around the track to the roar of a jubilant crowd.


For a brief moment, New York, gave the country and the world a way to let go of the unease engulfing it and basked in the glory of a chestnut horse who fulfilled the dreams of his owners, his trainer, his jockey and enthusiastic fans all over the world  who were united behind him.   He proved to  be the champion we needed at this time.


Dateline: June 9th, Quebec, Canada

The Stakes were high yesterday.


A group of our closest allies met in a Quebec, a province of Canada that I have visited many times.  

The close proximity to New York beckons  us to visit Canada and to test out our French surrounded by the beauty of our friends and neighbors to our North. On June 8th and June 9th, the countries of the G_7 ( Canada, France, Germany, UK, Itay, Japan and the US )  met for the 44th time as they do each year to  discuss weighty topics of the moment.


They discuss everything from the economy to the environment to human rights to hot spots around  the world and ,at the end , of the meeting a communique is usually  put out letting the world know what had been discussed and agreed upon.


It has been so for 43 years.


Yesterday, ended in failure when the US left early after refusing to endorse  a joint communique.


A picture of the G-6 leaders with Angel Merkel of Germany standing and leaning forward across a small bridge table with the leaders of Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan arrayed next to and behind the Chancellor told the story.

Merkel glared at the seated president of the US seated  apart from everyone else. His arms were  tightly wrapped around his body as if to protect himself from the glare of the world as he failed once again to grasp even the most elementary aspects of what it means to be an ally.


Juxtapose that picture of this defensive president in the presence of our peacetime and wartime fellow countries in arms to the glow with which he talks of our foes: Russia, China and North Korea. The picture spoke a thousand words as it quickly travelled around the world via Twitter.


For just one moment yesterday-June 9th , at Belmont NY, for 2 minutes 28.18 seconds, the world watched with joy as a champion with heart and determination and the love of his rider and fans gave a thrilling performance cheered by all. For just one moment yesterday, when the stakes were high, it was a horse that came bounding out of  the gate to lift our spirits and make us proud.


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