A Republic If You Can Keep it


A Republic If You Can Keep it

31-05-2018 - Author: Jane Mark

 A Republic If You Can Keep It

Happy Memorial day to all those celebrating in the states.


Before you go off to your families and barbecuesPhil and I would like to take this time to say thank you to all those who have served our country.


We remember today what you fought for and in so many cases died for through out history.


We pause to reflect, with all Americans, what our republic stands for and to remember a democracy born of stuggle and envsioned by a few very  decent men.


We remember the famous quote by Ben Franklin.


At the end of the constitutional convention in 1787 a lady asked Franklin :


" Well, Doctor, what have we got a republic or a monarchy?"


FrankLin Replied:


"A republic it you can keep it"


There have been only rare moments in our storied history in the states where we have had to think hard about those words.


Now is one of those times.


We have a delicately balanced Republic built on checks and balances that seem to have gone off the rails.


We may still have a republic if we can keep it.


History will see if we are up to the challenge.

Jane Mark is a business women, an author and commentator on the passing political scene. Join her and together we can change the way this story ends.

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