We All Showed Up Janes Sunday Sermon


We All Showed Up Janes Sunday Sermon

20-05-2018 - Author: Jane Mark


We All Showed Up-Janes Sunday Sermon


Love comes in many forms and shows itself in mysterious ways and sometimes when a waiting world so very much needs it.

The wedding of Harry and Meghan was filled with just the kind of joy and gentle reminderof what decency looks like in a world that seems to have lost its way of late.

The wonderful tradition of the British melded seemlessly with the more assertive risk taking associated with a new generation of American women and young people standing tall and planting the seeds of love and fire meeting inclusion and independence.

Like so many watching the Royal Wedding yesterday, I marveled at the glorious fashions walking into the Church. Amal with her perfect dress of sunshine. Serena and Oprah in soft shades of pink. Pippa in her charming floral dress. The Royality of Hollywood and sports met the British Royality and it was delightful.

The  crown jewel of course was Meghan's dess of elegance and simplicity as well as the oh so British style of the heir and the spare as they made their way along the walk to the chuch entrance.


But it was the US bishop from my now adopted city, Chicago, Michael Curry, who woke up the world with his impassioned speech about the fire of love. He Stole the Show.


The Bishop's presence itself made a statement about Harry and Meghan and about how they are going to forge their own path forward and it woke up a slumbering church as if to say: These young people are showing the world a better way. Will you follow?

I am not sure that some in the audience got the message as they sat with their stoic, stiff upper lip faces wondering if their beloved traditions had perhaps become a bit unglued. But as the  Bishop reminded us all...

"Harry and Meghan fell in love and we all showed up"

I, for one, are delighted we did.

Jane Mark is an business women who runs an Online Advertising Agency. She is an Author of several books on marketing and, in her spare time, writes about the ongoing political scene in the US and around the world. Lately that scene has been filled with fire and very little love. Yesterday was a refreshing reminder that decency of the heart can triumph.

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