Think Bigger Reach Higher Get Richer


Think Bigger Reach Higher Get Richer

18-06-2018 - Author: Jane Mark


Think Bigger-Reach Higher-Get Richer

When You Think Bigger and Reach Higher...
that's When You get Richer.


This popular sit can Make You a Fortune if you play your cards right.
h ttp://



< p>You earn up to 584.50 per sale
That ain't peanuts.


You earn across 7 levels
You earn from every sale to infinity.
You get paid Every Friday.


This site kind of just sells itself.


People see it.
They sign up.
They use it to promote their own sites every day.


Those who have the Vision thing grab our
most popular membership, the Tycoon Memberhip.


They pick up our Top Level, Ad Pack Level 7
and they become Tycoons.


They get paid every Friday.


Here are the highlights of our Tycoon membership




Mail Solo ads for Life to all PFFA Members.
Mail Solo ads for Life to your Downline.


Mail Every 2 days.
No Credits to earn to Use The Mailers.


The Tycoon Ad Pack Level is the only level where you
do not have to earn credits to mail.


Our solo ad mailer has a very high response rate
and you get to use it every 2 days while we keep
growing the list for you.




Give away UNLIMITED Free Ad credits 70,000 a Pop.
Build a List Fast and Easy by giving away these credits.


These credits are worth $350.00 which means you
can offer people a nice fat bribe to sign up
under you. That is how you build a list fast.


These 70,000 credits appear automatically in
the account of any sign ups you get. You
do not have to do a thing except offer them.


We do the rest for you.




You start with 830,000 credits in your account
right out of the gate. (Value 4191.00)


You get 8 text ads and 8 banner ads and
you can promote anything you want to.


You get 800,000 additional credits every month
(Value 3999.00)


400K for Your Banner Ads Monthly
400K for Your Text Ads Monthy


Use these credits to promote your own sites.


No Other membership level at Profit From
Free Ads gets a deposit of monthly credits.




Earn Across 7 Levels.
Earn 50% From Every Sale
Earn up to 584.50 Per sale.


Pay Once and That's It.
Or Choose our easy Flexi Pay
and pay over 3 or 4 months.


This can put a heap of fungolas in your pocket




We promote Your PFFA Affiliate link for You
For Life when you come in at Level 7.


We give you a free targeted ad spot for life
in our popular Targeted Traffic site called
Never Ending Traffic. (That a value of 180.00)


Think Bigger-Reach Higher-Get Richer.


It's not magic.
You can do this.


Get upgraded and grab your affiliate link
and put some dough in your pocket today.




Use This Special Discount Paylink.
You can pay all at once or pay in
3 or 4 easy payments. Your Choice.

< p> 

This Discount paylink is not available in the members
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Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc


PS: This is a manual upgrade. Once you pay we
will upgrade your account and send you a detailed
welcome letter when that has been done.


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Jane Mark is President of JAM Marketing Inc. She is an entrepreneur, an author, a musician, a Mom and a Grandmother. You can find all of her sites at . JAM Marketing Inc Can Change The Way Your Story Ends

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