It Pays To Use Attention Grabbers Janes Sunday Sermon


It Pays To Use Attention Grabbers Janes Sunday Sermon

05-08-2018 - Author: Jane Mark


It Pays To Use Attention Grabbers-Janes Sunday Sermon


Attention Must be Paid!


If you want to make money online, Attention Must be Paid.


Everyone likes to be in the spot light at some time in their lives.


That's why women will spend a ton of money and many days shopping for precisely the right wedding gown so that on that special day they can have everyone oohing and aahing. They want that dress to Grab Attention.


That's why a book publisher puts the most eye-catching design on their book cover so that their work will stand out among thousands on display in book stores.


That's Why Newspapers write catchy headlines to make you grab their paper when you walk by a news stand or when you are waiting on a grocery store line.


If you don't stand out in some way, you get lost in the crowd of competition.


If you are in business online, you must do something to Grab Attention. There is unending competition out there on the net. If you want to stand out, you will need a vehicle to call attention to yourself.


Let me give you an example:


Here is a website called Front Page Mail. This website is designed to get business people who are just getting started out onlineor who do not have a ton of money to buy expensive advertising to be able to get onto Google Page 1 just by using keywords that they buy and own for one dollar.


When Front Page Mail launched online about 3 months ago, it launched quietly and without a lot of fanfare. It was designed to help the clients of JAM Marketing Inc get noticed when they promoted their own businesses. About 4 weeks into the launch, the site added 1 simple thing to the site and sales doubled that month. The next month the sales doubled again. We made one small change at the site.


Can you spot the 1 simple thing that makes the site stand out?


It is a tiny little sign that slips onto the website that says things like: Evelynn Wilkes Just signed up to Front Page Mail or Tony Matthews upgraded to Founder or James Vil just bought the keyword Read Estate for $1.00 or Paula Frye just bought the keyword Kule Blaster Mailer for $1.00 or username actnow just used the Front Page Mailer.


Each of those small signs that slide into the site all say this: Verified by Why Not Join Me.


We call this tiny sign with its sayings on it Attention Grabbers.


The movement alone catches your attention when they slide onto the site. What they say catches your attention as they slide into the site but the most important thing those Attention Grabber signs do is give your site credibility. The words Verified by Why Not Join Me tell people that you are a real person who has in some way been verified and that you can rely on them because someone else has verified them.


This can increase your sign up and sales in ways you can only dream of.


People want to know they can trust the site that they are part of. Businesses online can often feel very distant but when there is something on the site that can give you comfort, that is a very valuable asset to have.


When my partner,  Phil Basten, and I took a careful look at this and read articles about how sites that use Attention Grabbers can increase their sign up and sales up to 285% and when we tested this on our own site, Front Page Mail, we realized just how valuable those little signs that move silently onto your site are. They kind of sneak up on you and make you pay attention.


But...These was a problem. Those kind of attention grabbers were only available to site owners who could have those signs programmed to say what they wanted them to say and who could place code on a site that belonged to them. That is great for site owners but...


What about people who promote sites that they do not own?  We call them affiliate sites.


Affiliate Marketers cannot put code on sites they do not own. Even if they own a site, they may not be capable of installing code. My partner Phil and I thought this was unfair and decided to remedy the problem so that anyone who promotes our sites as an affiliate marker or who promotes any site online could take advantage of the same technology that we use to increase our sign up and sales.


Why Not Join Me was born and it just launched on July 31st.


This site lets affiliate marketers use the same technology as the Big Guys on the net but without any coding needed and without having to be the owner of the site.


The site is easy as pie to use.

It is all set up for you.


You just choose an Attention Grabber that you want to use

Pop in your own URL

Hit Save


Bingo! That's it

You are done.


You now have a site with an Attention Grabber on it


Here are some examples


You can set up one of these Attention Grabbers in the members area of Why Not Join Me in about 3 seconds


That is how easy it is to put an Attention Grabber on almost any site on the net.


No experience is needed

It is affordable

It pays commissions to those who promote it


And here is the really neat part. Every Attention Grabber includes the words on it "Verified by Why Not Join Me"


Those words lead to the affiliate link of the promoter so that even if you do not make a sale from the site you that are promoting, you can make a sale just by someone clicking on the Verified by Why Not Join Me link. We have you covered all ways around.


It Pays You to Use Attention Grabbers when you promote online.

It makes you stand out from the others. And in business, that is the name of the game.


If you want to get into the game, then swing for the fences.


Why Not Join Me and Get people to pay Attention to You and to trust you and to buy from you.


I will see you on the inside.




Jane Mark

Why Not Join Me

JAM Marketing Inc

Jane Mark President of JAM Marketing Inc. She is a business woman and runs many successful online advertising sites. Best known is the large Social Media site for business called Sokule. She is the partner of Phil Basten and has worked at his side for 18 years as he developed such well know sites as Profit From Free Ads, Itsy Linx, Never Ending Traffic For U, You Can Reach Everyone, Oodles of Traffic and Front Page Mail. You can read all about this dynamic duo at JAM Marketing Inc They can change the way Your Story Ends.

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