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My name is Phil Basten.

My partner Jane Mark and I have been developing mailing, list building and traffic generating systems for more than 18 years.

FrontPage Mail is our latest creation and our customers tell us it's the best marketing site we've ever created.
Let me show you how it works:
Own Keywords Forever...
First, you buy some keywords. You pay one time and you own them for life. No more paying high fees for each keyword click like you do at some other search engines. Most keywords at FrontPage Mail can be purchased for as low as $1.00 and the more keywords you own the more sales you can make.

Keywords are the backbone of FrontPage Mail and we use them all over the site. So when you buy keywords think of what terms you would use to search for certain items. Chances are others will use the same phrases or keywords.
Link ALL Your Websites...
Congrats! Now you own some nice keywords. The next thing you need to do is link your keywords to the websites you want to promote. Let's say you are promoting a site that is an affiliate marketing site and you just bought the following keywords or keyword phrases, “affiliate marketing", "affiliate promotion", "tips for resellers", "how to sell more affiliate products", "marketing", "affiliates", "resellers", "commissions". You simply go to the menu Keywords - Link My Website in the member area of your account and connect your keywords to your website. It's so easy.
Soar to Number 1...
So you own your keywords and you have connected your websites, now comes the cool part. Each time a user searches for a word or phrase you own your website appears in the top position on the search results page. The more keywords and phrases you own, the more searches you get and number 1 positions you get.

And here's where it gets even better. It doesn't matter whether people use the FrontPage Mail, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Sokule Search tools, FrontPage Mail results always appear at the top. When you own the word being searched on it will always appear in the number 1 position and when you are on the first page of any search you can make a lot more money. It feels good to be number one. Try it.
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Mail to Your Hearts Content...
There are 3 powerful mailers in FrontPage Mail that you can use.

(a) The FrontPage Mail member mailer. This mailer connects keywords you own to your offers so you get more opened emails and more exposure on the Ad Profits page. You send your offers like any other solo ad mailer but your keywords go out with it.

(b) The KuleBuzz content mailer.  This mailer connects keywords you own to the content you create so you get continuous organic traffic from Google page 1. We give you access to an article creator that is simple and easy to use.

(c) The FrontPage Mail downline mailer. This mailer lets you stay in touch with your downline list members daily.
Thousands Upon Thousands of Ad Views...
All members no matter what level get free ads. The upgraded levels get both text ads and banner ads. These ads require credits to keep the ad views flowing.

Members can earn these credits a number of ways. They can earn ad view credits by doing keyword searches, clicking on credit links in emails and clicking on ads on the Ad Profits page. But by far the most popular way is doing a keyword search.

Members can use these credits a number of ways. Keep their ads running at full steam and give ad views credits to downline members to encourage upgrades.
The Great Giveaway...

As you check out the various membership levels in FrontPage Mail pay close attention to the huge rewards you get with each level.

For example: The top 3 levels give you cash back in the form of tokens that you can use to buy keywords. Each token is worth $1.00. Professional level members get 100 tokens. Manager level members get 250 tokens. Founder level members get 500 tokens. You'll see them in your account when you log in and you can start buying keywords with them right away.

You also get to build a list by giving away valuable ad credits when people register via your affiliate link.

Free members giveaway 5,000 ad view credits (value $25.00).
Apprentices giveaway 10,000 ad view credits (value $50.00).
Professionals giveaway 25,000 ad view credits (value $125.00).
Managers giveaway 50,000 ad view credits (value $250.00).
Founders giveaway 100,000 ad view credits (value $500.00).
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List Building Made Super Easy..
Everyone knows that building a list and growing relationships with your list members is the single most important task you can do for your business. At FrontPage Mail we make it super easy for you to build a downline list of members you can email daily.

All you need to do is give away valuable free ad-view credits worth between $50.00 and $500.00. Your membership level determines how many ad-view credits you can give away, but even at the lowest membership level people will still signup to get free ad-view credits from you.
Make Money Like Magic...
FrontPage Mail gives you many powerful ways to make money online.
  • You can earn up to 40% commission when you sell FrontPage Mail memberships.

  • You can make money when you buy keywords, get top website rankings, and sell your own products or affiliate products.

  • You can make money when you collect linking fees (of up to 50%) from users who link to words and phrases you own.

  • You can make money when you send email offers to FrontPage Mail members and they buy them.

  • You can make money when you give away credits to potential signups, build your downline list, and then sell stuff to them.

  • You can make money when you create articles, post them, and get organic traffic from Google page 1.

  • And you can make money when thousands of people see your text, banner, and email ads on the Ad Profits page.
Reach up to 200,000 active users with 1-click!
Hurry! Grab Your account before this offer expires!
Hurry! Grab Your account before this offer expires!
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