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What is FrontPage Mail?

FrontPage Mail gives online businesses a way to get on the front page of Google and many other search engines in a completely unique way. It offers 3 kinds of Solo Ad Mailers that put you on the front page search I The simplicity and ease of use will astonish you. It is completely unique and novel. There is nothing else like it online.

Buying Keywords and Owning Them at Front Page Mail

You can buy keywords and keyword phrases . Prices start at 1.00 and the majority of words sell for 1.00. The prices can go up to over 1000 for certain very popular words but most people will be able to get the words they want for a buck or two. Once you own a keyword, You are in the complete control of that word and it gets you on the top of all searches at the site. Wait until you see it in action. You are going to say Wow! This is really cool.

What Do I Do With The Keywords That I Own?

When you own a keyword. You attach it to a website that you want to promote and it appears at the Top of an FPM search and on top of Google and Twitter and Bing and Sokule searches. Owning just 1 keyword can give you enormous exposure and traffic for you own website.

How Many Mailers Are There at Front Page Mail ?

There are 3 very unique mailers in Front Page Mail. We have a Front Page Mailer that reaches all of the members at FPM. We have the Kulebuzz Mailer which is an article mailer and auto promotes your article for you . There is a Referral Mailer so that you can reach anyone who signs up under you.

Can I Join FPM Free?

Yes you can join Free and you will get some Free Advertising but in order to buy keywords and to use the mailers and get your sites at the top of the Search Engines, you will need to fund your account or upgrade your account. You can do that in the members area of FPM but watch for the One Time Offer for Founder as you sign up. You will pay more for it in the members area.

How Many Paid Membership Levels Are There at Front Page Mail

There are 4 paid membership level. Apprentice, Professional, Manager and Founder. To see a full explanation of what you get with each level, scroll to the bottom of the main sale page and click on the boxes that tell you about each membership.

What Does Each Membership level Cost?

Apprentice is 20.00 per month. Professional is a one time payment of 497.00. Manager is a one time payment of 997.00 and a Founder is a one time payment of 1497.00. You can break up the payments into flexi payments for the Professional, Manager and Founder levels. See the bottom of the main sales page for a full explanation of what each level gets.

Can I earn Money at Front Page Mail?

Yes, Definitely. We have an affiliate program and commissions range from 10% for free members to 35% for Founding members . These commissions are for the sale of memberships. You can also earn up to 20% on funded accounts and up to 50% for linking fees

What is the Difference between a Paid Membership and a Funded account?

Paid memberships gives you access to the 3 very unique mailers at the site plus access to the article creator plus huge advertising exposure at the site. Funded accounts are for people who simply want to buy and own keywords and attach them to their websites. You will find the membership upgrades and funded account choices in the members area of Front Page Mail.

What is the Front Page Mail Aritcle Creator?

FPM has a very unique article creator. You write an article and attach keywords that you own to that article and then you get a unique link that you can promote anywhere on the net.

How many keywords should I attach to My Article?

You can attach a minimum of 3 keywords up to 10 keywords that you won to your article. You can promote your article wherever you like and you can use the KuleBuzz Mailer to send your article out to the FPM members. Your article creator is designed to get you on the front page of google within 48 to 72 hours.

Do I Attach my keywords to the Front Page Mailer

Yes you attach a minimum of 3 words to a maximum of 1o words to your Front Page Email and bingo out it goes. All 3 mailers at FPM are designed to get you traffic and get you on the top of Google and many other search engines.

Is Front Page Mail a Search Engine?

Yes It is. And the neat part is you can show on the top of any search you like. See Buying Keywords.

Who are the Owners of Front Page Mail?

Jane Mark and Phil Basten are the owners of Front Page Mail. You can read all about them here:

Is Front Page Mail Easy to Use?

Front page mail is very easy to use. If you need help you always get us through the support desk. Our door is always open. Walk through It.

What are Membership Rewards?

Each paid Membership level starts off with Buying Tokens in their account. Tokens are what you use to purchase your keywords with.
Each membership level is given more and more tokens to buy keywords with. Apprentices get 20 tokens each month. Professional members get 100 tokens, Managers Get 250 tokens and Founders get 500 Tokens
You can buy a lot of keywords with these tokens. Remember most words sell for a buck. So as soon as you sign up and grab one of the FPM paid memberships you will have tokens in your account and you can start buying keywords instantly.

What Does Linking To a Keyword Mean?

Some words may be too expensive to buy-words like Twitter or facebook for example sell for a high price. If you want to link you your website with a high price word you can pay a linking fee to the owner of that word and then you can attach your website to it.

Why do I want to link to a Keyword

When you link to a keyword that you do not own, your ad appears in the second spot in any search that someone does on that keyword. The owner of the keyword appears at the top of the search but you can come in in the second spot when you link to that keyword. That will give you huge advertising exposure.

Can I use My Buying Tokens to Link to a Keyword?

No Buying Tokens can only be used to actually buy and own keywords. Linking is a separate transaction since the owner of the keyword that you link to is actually paid a linking fee. So you will have to pay your linking fee separately at the time of purchase.

What is The Ad Profit Page?

The Ad Profit Page is a page where members put up text ads and banner ads and any emails they send show on the Ad Profit page as well.

I see I can earn Credits at FPM-What Are They Used For

Yes all members can earn credits when they view text ads or banner ads or email ads on the Ad Profit Page. These credits are random amounts and they get added to your Credit balance. You can use them to keep your text and banner ads showing at the site

Do You Give Free Advertising To Members?

Yes each membership level can give away Free Advertising Credit to their downlines. Free Members can give a way 5000 Credits, Pro Members can give away 25,000 Free Ad Credits, Managers can give away 50,000 Free Ad Credits and Founders can give away 100,000 Free Ad Credits. This means that members are giving away up to $500.00 in Free Advertising Credits to each and every person who signs up under them. You can check out the value of these Free Ad Credits on the Upgrade Page in the Members area.

What is the Keyword Special of The Day?

The Keyword Special is a word or phrase that shows up when you log into your Front Page Mail Account. Most of those words sell for 1.00 and many of them you will want to own. They mostly give you good ideas about what kinds of words or phrases may be good ones.

What are the Upgrade Prices at Front Page Mail ?

You can view and compare all of the membership levels right here:

Why doesn't My KuleBuzz Article Link Work?

If you put any kind of punctuation in your KuleBuzz Article Title, your link that is generated will not work. You Must just use regular letters in your title like Make Money Online. Not Make Money Online!

How Do You Pay Commissions?

We pay commissions by online check or regular check . If you need a different way to get paid, please contact us through support

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