Guru Tales A Review


Guru Tales A Review

04-08-2018 - Author: Jane Mark

Guru Tales A Review


Any business worth its salt, has a series of tools they use when they start up. Any business needs to get the word out about their product but many small start ups do not where to go to do this.

Now there is a site online that will put, at your disposal, the most effective and tested tools that can you up and running fast. It is called Guru Tales.

Who tested thesse tools? Some of the best names in the marketing industry Allyn Cutts, Willie Crawford, Jim Daniels, Mike Filsaime, Michel Fortin, Michael Glaspie, Ken Mcarthur, Lasse Rouhiainen, Frank Sousa, Joe Vitale.

The author, Phil Basten, is a well known developer on the net. Over the past 18 years he, has developed over 60 Advertising sites for businesses online and now he reveals the exact tools he uses to make a 7 figure income year in and year out.

Mr Basten has worked closely with the cream of the crop of marketing experts and from those mastermind sessions he now brings you the best resources for traffic, article distribution and blogging, solo ad services, list mailing services. From Software marketing services to Website Design, you will have every resource tool that you need to get your start up business the visibility it needs online.

Guru Tales is a compilation of the very best services designed to kick start any business. According to Mr Basten, "It has been years in the making" with each tool tested and retested for results.

Purchasers of Guru Tales can resell the guide and earn $33.50 to $250.00 per sale. They will also pocket a monthly residual income from members that sign up under them and upgrade to the monthly membership. The purchase of the actual guide is a one time payment of 67.00 with a full
90 day money back guarantee.

The Guide provides a unique way for purchasers to put their own affiliate ids in the members area for many of the tools that are in the guide. This allows purchasers to make multiple sales when they introduce others to Guru Tales.

Trying to run a business online without the right tools to get you started is like trying to canoe without a paddle.

Mr Basten has solved that problem and will have you up and swimming your way to success. The Guru tales Guide is one you will keep at your computer side and consult day in and day out.



Jane Mark is a business woman and runs many successful online advertising sites. Best known is the large Social Media site for business called Sokule. She is the partner of Phil Basten and has worked at his side as de developed such well know sites as Free Ad Depot, Itsy Linx, Never Ending Traffic ForU, Oodles of Traffic, Guru Tales is designed to help all new and ongoing businesses get a handle on how to successfully promote themselves online ->

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