Let's Put You On Page One Everywhere..


Let's Put You On Page One Everywhere..

09-07-2018 - Author: Hitesh Sangani


There is nothing like Front Page Mail

1) It is itself a search engine and when you
own the word or phrase, you are seen at the
top of the search engine on top of a FPM, Google
Sokule and Yakamore search.

I guarantee you there are no other sites that can do that for you.

2) We have a mailer that reaches the FPM members.

That is a unique mailer with unique members that cannot be duplicated anywhere online.

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3) The idea is not to get into a search engines.
Anyone can get into a search engine somewhere.

The idea is to get onto page one of google and you can do this by

a) Creating an article with good content
b) attaching it to relevant keywords
c) Promoting your kulebuzz link that is generated at the site.

If you do that, you will get onto the first page of google.

But you do have to promote your article.

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