Have you been scammed Here is how to get your money back


Have you been scammed Here is how to get your money back

30-07-2018 - Author: Manjit Biant

Have you been scammed? Here is how to get your money back!

Welcome to Phoenix Advisors,

You landed on our website most probably because a broker or a merchant must have cheated/scammed you in one way or another. Luckily you have come to the right place as our company specializes in helping people cheated by various online scams, including investment scams like binary options and forex brokerages.

You have probably invested funds with a brokerage firm, or another scammer, and everything was going perfectly well until you have asked for a withdrawal of profits, or simply to get any money back from them. Most likely since then you have trouble in having them respond to any of your emails or phone calls, and all of a sudden nobody wants to reply to you from their side in any possible way. Worry not, there is a solution in using our professional services to recover your funds.

We have been the pioneers of the funds recovery market for over 3 years now, and you will not find a single complaint on us. You can use our services to solve an issue with your merchant within negotiations, dispute your transactions related to faulty goods through banking arbitration, as well as to escalate the discord to governmental bodies, such as ombudsman services and financial authorities in your country. If we judge that it is possible in your case, we can also offer you a full legal representation with a law office that cooperates with us on cases against scammers. Our experts will analyse the evidence material and prove your claim in a relevant way in order to GET YOUR MONEY BACK NOW.

We do not promise our Clients a 100% recovery because that would be a straight up lie, yet you can be sure that if you decide to use our services then all possible ways to recover your money that include marketing campaign against the broker based on your real experience, analysis of the evidence material, negotiations, and other methods depending on the classification of your case will be exhausted, so that even if in the end everything fails you will be sure that you did not let these thieves simply get away with all of your hard-earned money.

We will understand if you decide to simply call it a day and decide not to pursue this any further but a chance to get your funds back for almost nothing compared to what they have stolen from you is surely worth a try. We leave the choice up to you, however please be advised that the more time passes the higher the chance the scammers will disappear without leaving a single trace behind them.

If you decide to work with us then please use our CONTACT FORM, or SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM via our website and we will contact you within 24 hours. You can also mail us directly at contact@phoenixadvisorsgroup.com

Marcin Iglicki,
Co-Founder & CMO
Phoenix Advisors


Phoenix Advisors Group specialises in helping people who have been scammed

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